This time it's about you, mama.

There is nothing more beautiful and precious than the bond that you share with your children. It's so tender yet fierce, so present yet timeless, so special yet overwhelming. It deserves to be preserved and cherished for an entire lifetime and more.

But like most moms, you are memory keepers of your family, you are the one behind the camera capturing the precious everyday stories. And that means you are missing from all those milestones of your babies. And if I’ve learned anything since I've been a mom, it’s that time flies by way too quickly. Moments quickly turn into memories, little hands outgrow yours, and you would do anything to get those precious feelings back. That is why I love these sessions so much.

This year the backdrop will be white with beautiful spring flowers. The simplicity will help us create images that are timeless and allows the focus to be just on you and the love you have for your little(s).

We will have professional partial hair styling and makeup available, a permanent jewelry artist, and you will also have a chance to choose the perfect outfits from the client wardrobe. We just want you to feel the love you deserve, and just simply enjoy these moments with your little ones during the session. 

Did I mention there will be snacks? Show up early, get matching bracelets with your little, get the pampering you deserve, and let me capture this beautiful moment of you with your babies.

P.S. - Dad's, this is the PERFECT Mother's Day gift!

Let's capture your beautiful bond

I can’t stress this enough, the bond that you share with your littles is priceless. The way they grab your face in their little hands, and the way they lay their heads on your chest, and the way you brush their hair off their face. In a few years these little ones will be all grown up and these sweet little memories will be forgotten! Motherhood Portraits ensures you never forget what it felt to carry the little one in your arms and what their little faces looked like when they sat in the safety of your lap.

Let's create heirlooms you will pass down to generations

During your Motherhood Portrait session I strive to create heirlooms that you will cherish forever and pass down to generations to come. The memories we are creating deserve to be printed and adorned in your home as a sweet reminder of the love that binds you all together. From fine art prints to a gorgeous handcrafted flat lay album, you get a variety of options to choose from and the most perfect heirloom for your family.

You truly deserve it

You deserve to be in your child’s memories and artifacts. You need to be a part of the heirloom and the legacy

you are creating for your family. Just arrive and let someone pamper you and then I will capture you in your

beautiful element!

Your children deserve it

Do you know what some of my most favorite images from my childhood are? The ones with my mom. What a great reminder that we were loved and cared for than the sweet pictures of you and your children. And, displaying portraits and family photos on the wall and in the home boosts our children's self-esteem.

Come join me in celebrating the wonderful adventure

that is motherhood. More details on this special motherhood portrait event below.

Sunday, May 19, 2024

What's included in Motherhood Portraits:

15 Minute Session

10 Digital Images

4 x 6 Gift Prints x5

4 x 6 Acrylic Image Block x1

$10 Partial Professional Makeup or Hair Styling Credit with Onsite Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

Access to the Client Closet